It is easy to feel that your brakes are fine as long as they seem to work. But if brakes suddenly stop working the risk of an accident is extremely high. If there are any signs of abnormal behaviour the brakes should be at least be inspected and probably serviced.


Signs there is an issue with the brakes.

-          Brake light indicators come on for no reason.

-          Brake response changes, especially if this change is sudden.

-          If brakes are temperamental.

-          If stopping time is longer than when the brakes were new.

-          If the car veers to one side when braking. There are several possible reasons for this, and all are dangerous.

-          Vibration in the brake system is ominous, especially under normal operating conditions.

-          Likewise, a pulsating brake pedal is a sign that a fault has developed that needs immediate repair.

-          A visual inspection of the brakes that reveals grooves in the rotor or thin brake pads is a sure sign that the brakes need repair. Pads should be at least a ¼ inch thick.

-          And noise from the brakes, such as Squealing, clicking, grinding or squeaking is a bad sign. These noises are easier to hear when away from traffic.


When repairing brakes;

-          Insist on quality parts. If the quality part lasts longer and work better, as it surly will, the expense is justified.

-          Few people can repair brakes and tires at home. Even if the individual is skilled these procedures require special equipment. Have brakes and tires professionally serviced.

-          Get a warranty, which any professional should offer as part of the service.

-          New brake pads need to be broken in when first used.