Brake Pads Sydney

The large number of vehicles on Sydney roads means there is a large demand for various types of replacement parts. Brake pads vary considerable between manufacturers and between different models.

The family car requires a brake pad that handles a fairly wide range of applications. High performance racing specifications are not necessary, but regular short trips are common and long vacation trips do occur infrequently. Brakes pads on Sydney roads have to deal with continual stop star use in traffic and occasional use on steeper descents. Long term reliability under various conditions is required. The same brake system is also required to work consistently well on the occasional long highway drive for a family vacation.

Commercial vehicles combine long term reliability with constant use; they do not push performance limits but they require consistent safe and steady operation.  Brake pads designed for commercial applications are long wearing and do will leave ‘dust’ on the vehicle’s mechanisms from pad abrasion.

Some brake pads are designed for high performance racing. The life of the pad is short (it might need replacing after every race), but the performance is optimized to be smooth and reliable while the pad is new. This type of optimization is impractical for general daily use.

Foreign cars, not designed for Australian conditions, often emphasis style and prestige, even as their owners expect high performance. European cars often tend to supply smooth operating brake pads that require regular replacement. Fixing these systems with locally designed brake pads (designed and made for the make and model in question) allows these foreign vehicles to achieve the consistent and long wearing performance of locally made vehicles.


Individuals wanting to keep their cars operating in optimal condition should seek ICER Oceania brake pads, Sydney.