Brake pads are used in cars with the disc brake mechanism. Disc brake pad systems are often considered the better option over drum brakes systems, though they do require more frequent replacing.

 There are thousands of types of make and model of vehicle, and our brake pad catalogue aims to cover all these possible types. We also aim to provide different options for the same vehicle, depending on whether it is used for racing, hauling a trailer or general, reliable transport.

Several numbering methods are used for the vast number of items on a brake pad catalogues. The most common is the WVA system. A vehicle model number is usually sufficient to locate the correct type of brake pad, though more information may be necessary of there is more than one option for each vehicle.

Before a brake pad is put on our Brake pad catalogue it must fulfil several criteria:

-A materials ability to resist break fade, the decreased efficacy of the break mechanism that

come with higher temperatures of repeated use.

-Resistance to water

-The ability to recover quickly from changes in temperature or exposure to moisture.

-The ability to provide consistent and smooth contact with the drive mechanism.

-A trade-off between the life of the disk brake pad and the eventual wear of the mechanism