European cars often optimise their brakes for smooth operation. As such the brake pads tend to wear out quickly and leave dust on the car system. European cars, despite the high level of engineering, have a reputation for high maintenance.

More recent developments in braking technology over the past few years have seen ceramic materials used to make excellent quality brakes. These ceramic brakes are much long lasting than earlier brake materials and have fairly minimal problems with dust, even under more extreme conditions. Previously the only material capable of similar braking performance was asbestos, which was removed from use because of the associated health risks. Newer technology ceramic materials deliver high performance under all types of regular use.

European cars of all types and ages can be fitted with modern ceramic brakes that provide excellent performance without the frequent maintenance associated with high performance vehicles. This reduces both the inconvenience of regular service time and the long term cost of running the car.

Because of the enormous range of vehicles produced in European countries any European brake pad distributor needs to stock an enormous range of replacement brake pads. This matter is made all the more extreme by the number of alternative options often available for the same vehicle. As a European brake pad distributor, manufacturer and wholesaler ICER has the widest range of brake pads on the market.

ICER Oceania is a European brake pad distributor that designs and manufactures brake pads for excellent performance in all types of European cars.