The large number of vehicles on the road makes for a large number of replacement brake parts. Icer Oceania is a manufacturer and supplier of brake pads for all private and commercial vehicles. All our brake components are audited and certified by AENOR, part of the international quality organization IQnet.


 All brake pads supplied are tested for:

-          General brake efficiency with loaded and unloaded cars.

-          The effects of temperature on the performance of the Brake pad – known as fading.

-          Behavior with continual use or upon prolonged descents.

-          Comparison between the standard pads issued with the car and the replacement models.

-          Sensitivity to velocity to the performance of the braking material.


Brake pad suppliers catalogue their various replacement parts with the WVA numbering system.

-          Car Drum Brakes are numbered 10 000 to 14 999.

-          Car Disc Brake pads are numbered 20 000 to 25 999.

-          Commercial type vehicles have Disc Brake numbered  28000 to 29999

-          Commercial Vehicle Drum Brake Linings number 15000 to 19999


The safety issue of quality brake pads cannot be overstated. The correct type of brake pads must be correctly installed and in full working order if are vehicle is to operate safely. Always obtain the right part from the ICER brake pad suppliers