Since establishing itself in Australia, ICER Oceania had taken pride in providing the finest European brake wholesale. Originating from an independent, family-owned industry situated in Spain, ICER Brakes S.A. has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing and wholesaling European brake pads with quality and finesse.

Icer Brakes is recognised as one of the only companies that engineers and designs its brake pads in its home country. Recognised in Europe as one of the best, ICER  has come to Oceania to extend its goods to countries in the southern hemisphere.  Efficient, yet still environmentally friendly, ICER is the European brake pad wholesaler for many Australian companies.

European cars often optimise their brakes for smooth operation. This mean European brake pads tend to wear quickly, leave dust on the car system and (despite the high level of engineering) often require maintenance. Recent developments in braking technology have seen ceramic materials used to make excellent quality brakes. These new designs last much longer than earlier brake materials and deliver high performance under all types of regular conditions. Our European Brake pad wholesaler project aims to fit these more advance brake pads to all types of European cars.

European cars of all types and ages can be fitted with modern ceramic brakes that provide excellent performance without the frequent maintenance associated with high performance vehicles. This reduces both the inconvenience of regular service time and the long term cost of running the car. As a European brake pad wholesaler, manufacturer and distributor, ICER has the widest range of brake pads on the market.

ICER Oceania is a European brake pad wholesaler that designs and manufactures advanced, modern brake pads for excellent performance in all types of European cars.